Peppers stuffed with minced meat and rice


10 pc. peppers

1 onion

1 pc. carrot

500g minced meat /mix of 500gr pork mince+500gr beef mince/

1 cup rice

1 pc. egg

1 cup yogurt

oil, 1 tsp paprika

savory, black pepper, salt

a pinch of dried basil  and fenugreek

fresh parsley, celery

Onions and carrots are cut but sit and stew with a little oil and water. Add mince, fuzzy with a little water and stew about 15 minutes in. Insert the washed  rice and kitchen herbs, make 1 cup water. Suffocates, until the rice is semi while stirring to prevent sticking to the bottom of the vessel.


The peppers are cleaned from the stems and seeds, riddled with needle in several places and fill with mixture. The opening marks the flour can not stuffing out of the pepper.  Pour salted water to half (if you want a thicker sauce is added and diluted flour), sprinkle with oil and put in preheated oven.

Bake 30-40 minutes, after which the tray is removed and separated into a bowl 1-2 ladles of the sauce to cool for 10 minutes.


Egg beat with yogurt and a little salt and whipping him to pour the cooled sauce. The resulting mixture was poured into a tray in the pod and gently shaken to evenly distribute.



  1. I would love to eat peppers stuffed with mince meat and rice. It looks very appetizing! thanks for sharing.

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