“Banitza” with feta cheese



300g filo pastry

150g feta cheese(or cottage cheese)

3 eggs

250ml soda water (or lemonade)

100ml cooking oil (sunflower oil)

3-4tbs sugar to sprinkle (optional)

Method of preparation:

In an oiled baking tray start layering 2 leafs of filo pastry, sprinkle crushed feta cheese and sprinkle a bit of oil. Then put another layer of pastry on top and the same mixture of cheese and oil until the end of the packet and finish with the last leaf of filo pastry. Cut the “Banitza” of big squares and pour the mixture of whisked eggs and soda water (lemonade) on top of the pastry.


Sprinkle a bit of oil and bake in a heated oven 180C until golden. When is ready and taken out of the oven sprinkle a bit of cold tap water, while “Banitza” is still hot and If you wish or like it sprinkle with sugar for sweetness. Cover with a tea towel and leave to rest for 20mins and consume.


Advise: Best consume with natural yoghurt “Greek style”.


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