Biscuit cake


Biscuit cake is loved by both old and young-that’s fabulous biscuit cake!  Now I offer you the recipe for this home yum 🙂



Digestive biscuit, reach tea, cookies (400gr)

1 liter of milk

150g sugar

60gr custard/powder/

1 vanilla


First prepare the custard according to the instructions on the packet.

The cookies/biscuits are immersed in the warm milk and are arranged next to each other in a dish/try 20x30sm.Cover with custard cream and again layer of biscuits. So take turns until finished with custard cream. Place in the fridge to cool down

When slightly cooled, sprinkle on top as desired with ground walnuts, chocolate sticks, or grade some chocolate. The cake is served chilled, you can squirt lightly with topping:)))


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