About me

My name is Magdalena Yordanova, Maggie briefly. I was born and live in the old town of Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. My love for cooking was born as early as adolescence and “guilt” for having my mother and my grandparents, who were great cooks. Like to hang around them in the kitchen, and they let me create and express your imagination free. The idea of creating your own blog was born two years ago when I became a housewife and had more free time to devote to my passion – cooking. A loving husband and my two wonderful children do not complain that I spend a long time, vortices in the kitchen because they know that lovingly prepare each dish.

In my blog I share with you my favorite recipes, most invented by me and those of other authors that I like. All photos of the recipes are made by myself with my amateur camera and some free articles recipes I used images from Google.

I have another culinary blog, but it’s in bulgarian language.  You can view on

the link –   http://magi-bg.blogspot.com/


As to sound immodest, I can boast of several publications in the Bulgarian culinary favorite magazines 🙂



  1. I don’t know if I already left a message, but I just mean to say that I am happy to meet you and I look forward to learning about Bulgarian food from you. Have a lovely evening!

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