Chicken –Gardner’s style


This popular Bulgarian dish has many ways of preparation and the products can be chosen depends on the season. I made it in the ceramic pot, but maybe in a saucepan, and why not in the backing tray Necessary products: 1 chicken 150g mushrooms 5 onions 3 carrots 100g peas 500 g potatoes 1 bell pepper 200g green beans 500 g tinned tomato 5-6 cloves of garlic Salt , thyme, parsley, celery 1tbsp paprika 1 tsp ground black pepper 3-4 tbsp flour 4-5 tbsp oil.


The chicken is cut into portions, which have to be slightly fried in a little oil and then transferred into casseroles/saucepan In a separate container mix the chunky chopped and salted onion, carrots, mushrooms, green beans, peppers and garlic. Peel the potatoes, if they are big cut into large cubes and add them to other vegetables. All vegetables are put in the cooking dish with the chicken meat. The tomato can be poured into a bowl and mix with paprika, celery, parsley, thyme and black pepper and added to other products .Then dilute the flour in a warm water 1 ½ tea cup. Mix all products together in the casserole/cooking dish and put it in a cold oven and bake for two and a half hours. First hour cook at 200C and then the rest at 150C.


Breaded chicken Bites/nuggets

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For this dish need a chicken – cooked and boned. Breading must have a density of yoghurt and is made of beaten eggs, flour, water, spices. For 1chicken- 6 eggs, 6tbsp of flour and water, to get a density. The meat is broken into pieces that are dipped in breading and fry on both sides in preheated oil.


Drain on kitchen paper roll. Ready bites/nuggets can be served as an appetizer or as a main with a side of roasted vegetables / roasted potatoes.

Chicken with potatoes in the oven

Cut a  chicken portions, salt with a little salt and sprinkle with paprika and black pepper. Grease well with spices.

Put portions in the pan, sprinkle them with soy sauce and arrange around them cut into large pieces and salted potatoes / kg around /.

Sprinkle with oil, pour a glass of water and cover with foil. Bake in a preheated 200 C oven for half an hour, finally remove foil to brown for 5-10 minutes.