Sandwich with ham and egg


4 slices of bread

70 g butter /margarine

100 g ham/salami/sausages

2 hard boiled eggs



Butter the slices of bread. At the top are arranged diagonally sausage/ham/salami rings,rings Boiled eggs. Decorate with leaves of parsley.


Fried eggs ”Sunny side up”


I can say that for me is the most rapid cooked “dish”, today I offer the recipe with a little supplement Pour oil to cover bottom of skillet, warm it up well and from low break the eggs. Once the egg whites starting to gray sprinkle with hot oil where the eggs are frying with a spoon till fried on the upper side. How much time you will do this depends on how you like your eggs yolks-runny or hard. Check how the yolk hardens and when they are done to your liking, remove them with a grid spoon and put it in a dish. Usually for one serving is enough 3 eggs. Immediately salt them slightly, grate cheese/feta cheese or both on top of them not bad, paprika or other seasoning of your choice. Serve them with a salad or some sausage, or just plane.

Cream caramel

Cream caramel

1 liter of milk
7-8 eggs
10 tablespoons sugar  + 2 tablespoons for caramel
2 vanilla

Beat eggs, add milk, vanilla, then sugar. Stir until the sugar dissolves.
In glass or metal bowls / baking dish and can / be distributed separately 2 tablespoons sugar and caramelize on a hotplate until light brown in color. Egg-milk mixture is poured into bowls that are placed in a baking dish and pour around water / by mid cups /. Bake at low temperature – 120-130C, as if to make up water has evaporated. The roasting continues until dessert grab a nice golden brown crust. Bowls are removed, cool and serve.