The ”TASS” kebab


To start the year with a classic dish-the “TASS” kebab. In principle it is prepared from veal (as I do in this case) but can be cooked with pork. Doesn’t take long for its preparation, making it very practical.


500gr./pork/veal meat

300 ml tomato juice

1 onion salt

1 tbsp.paprika

black paper(grains)


bay leaf


The meat is cut into small pieces and put in a saucepan. Stew over in its own juice until grey/white calour and add 3-4 tbsp oil. Pour 2-3 glasses of water and stew until soft/can take 2-3 hours depending on the meat.

Further, I can make it in two ways, depending on the time you have. Fastest/lazy/option: later added other products, such as chopped finely onion and poured the red wine/2tbsp./ If you need to add more water and make it thicker can add 2tbsp of flour diluted in cold water. The slow option: in a pan 2-3 tbsp oil FRY 3-4 tbsp flour stirring constantly add the paprika. Dilute with meat broth and tomato juice, and leave it to slowly cook with occasional stirring.

Served with a side of boiled rice.


Pork with sourkraut


Today I propose for our meal   classical Bulgarian dish, the way I’ve learned from my mother. Instead of lean meat can be prepared with ribs, brisket or shank.



700- 800 g pork leg

1 small sour cabbage

cooking  oil




ground  black  pepper



Cut the meat into small pieces, about the size of a walnut, fry the meat   with a spoonful of oil in a deep saucepan until white.

Add paprika and stir well. Place a chopped sauerkraut, thyme, pepper and celery. It is assumed that the cabbage is salty enough, so do not add salt.


Mixed well, pour hot water (250ml) and allow to simmer for about two hours, stirring occasionally. Then transfer to a backing tray (45smx25sm) sprinkle with 1-2tbs of flour to thicken and add 3-4tbs oil and stirred. Place it in the middle of preheated oven and bake just overhead wire at 180-200C until browned.


Pork chops with cheese


The meat is cut into slices 1 cm thick. Chops are sprinkled with salt and soy sauce/massage onto meat/. Put in a baking tray , sprinkle with oil and pour a glass of warm water,about 250mls . Cover with foil and bake at 200C for 1 hour. Then remove the foil. Cover the chops with grated cheese and sprinkle with thyme or other herbs to your taste. Bake until brown Serve with boiled or fresh vegetables.